Higher visibility of your SCCM/SMS clients


SCCM Client CenterOne of the features lacking (in my opinion) from every version of SMS and subsequently SCCM is the visibility of the agent computers in near real time. There have been a handful of useful utilities that come much closer to closing the gap and they are usually available for download. So far my favorite SCCM utility is SCCM Client Center from SourceForge.

Some of the features that Client Center offers are:

  1. Creating and displaying running processes
  2. Viewing and modifying Windows Services
  3. Initiating Inventory scans
  4. Installing and Repairing SCCM agents
  5. Repair WMI
  6. Display and Re-run Advertisements

When I work in environments with SCCM and I always use this utility.

Agent Actions









The utility itself is actually pretty intuitive. If you use SCCM I highly suggest checking this little gem out.