Important Product Comparison


I love product bullet comparisons, I love them so much that I decided to create one that I’ve been asked to provide on a number of occasions1. Of course, that is between Admin Arsenal and Apple iTunes. I am biased, though, since I wrote one of them2, so you should search the web for other Admin Arsenal/iTunes comparisons if you want the unvarnished truth3.

Feature Admin Arsenal iTunes
Automatic Software/Hardware Inventory Yes No
Performance Counter Monitoring Yes No
Runs on Windows Yes Yes
Runs on OS X No Yes
Runs on BeOS No No
Dynamic Collections Yes Yes
Integrates with Active Directory Yes No
Plays MP3s No4 Yes
Remote Software Deployment Yes No
Compatible with Microsoft Zune No No
Comes in 5 Delicious Flavors No No
Comes in 4 Delicious Flavors? No No
3 Flavors? No! No Flavors! Yes
Heartbeat Process Yes Yes5
Free (I told you not to ask that) Yes

I think it’s quite clear which product is better.
1 That number being zero.
2 Guess which one…
3 I find the truth works much better with a light oil, but that’s a subject for a different bullet comparison.
4 Available in version 32.8 (April 1, 2049, 4:32 PM GMT)
5 Requires optional PacemakerTM iPodTM