PDQ Agent (Beta) – Parent/Teacher Conference

We just returned from a Parent / Teacher conference where we discussed the progress of our child, PDQ Agent.

We were, admittedly, a little sad to hear his teacher say “He is not like the other children”. We understand his attendance record is sub-par. We understand that he is often a distraction to the other kids in the class and that he has a tendency to fart during story time. For these (and other) reasons we, his parents, have decided that he needs to be held back a grade.

Yep, he’s going to have to retake 1st grade (Grade One to our Canadian friends). Sure, he will get poked fun at by the older kids that move on to 2nd grade and, perhaps, looked at oddly by the younger kids who will wonder why he is now in their grade but, as his parents, we are doing what we think is best for the little guy in the long run.

What does this mean? Quite simply we are at a point where we think it best to reclassify our young little agent as “still in beta”.

In all seriousness, we had anticipated that the agent would be popular but the adoption rate was higher than we anticipated as was the subsequent stress that was placed on our infrastructure. This new stress caused PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy to operate below our standards.

PDQ Agent – Beta

So, while we vigorously examine our options we are going to put the PDQ Agent back into beta status. You will still be able to use the agent but we only recommend using it for testing purposes (as with any beta). There will almost certainly be some big improvements to not only our agent but the underlying architecture.

This does not mean that PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory are in beta JUST the agent.

To help him get back on track we are limiting him to three hours of Xbox per week and his TV time will only include reruns of Benny Hill. Oh, and he has to clean Colby’s keyboards. All of them.

If you see him on the playground please be aware that he is embarrassed about being held back but go ahead and poke a little fun. It’s good for his character.

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8 responses

  • Hahaha….that was funny.

    Haven’t used the PDQ Agent, heck still trying to catch up with other goodies in Deploy and Inventory.

    • If you’re not using the agent, there won’t be any impact on your network. If you are using the agent, you’ll want to evaluate the impact the agent may have on your network. A good practice is to use the agent only on machines that leave your network for an extended period of time, such as laptops, that may be connecting through external networks. Most machines inside your network do not need to have the agent installed and can use the heartbeat trigger to accomplish a similar function.

  • Please add an “alternate” external location to pull custom packages from. An FTP server or Web folder would be perfectly fine for us as we just want to push custom packages to our field personnel.

    This would be a great option in general so there is a redundant location to pull files from in the main PDQ Deploy program

    Kids these days!

  • I’d just like to note that the agent is the biggest reason I subscribed in the first place. I hope you guys will give the agent development a high priority on your list of things to do. Having a working agent, and especially one that would allow custom packages and/or custom scripting would let you guys be a major player in the RMM market.

  • I have to agree, I’m using the Agent on a ton of remote machines because it’s my only visibility to them. This is an important part of what we’re doing now from an inventory standpoint. What are we supposed to do now that we started using it? Doesn’t seem like there’s any recourse in place.

  • Chris, we certainly can understand where you’re coming from. It seems we tried to run before we could walk. As we looked at the performance of the Agent, we could see that it was not performing up to the standards that we and our customers have come to expect. As we continue to work on the performance issues, we recommend limited use of the Agent while it is in Beta.

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