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Random Thoughts on the Sys Admin scene

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

If Apple = gay and Windows = straight would that make Linux = abstinence?

I saw Office Space for the first time 3 years after it was released.

I weep (OK, maybe not weep, but I definitely roll my eyes) at the lack of troubleshooting skills prevalent amongst many in the Sys Admin community.

I love to script and to solve technical problems but I am lazy as hell at documenting fixes, work-a-rounds or solutions.

I feel that if most Sys Admins had a soundtrack it would sound like AM radio.

Most of the amazing Sys Admins that I have met have either no college degree or a non IT degree. (Philosophy, Poetry, Chemistry immediately pop to mind)

I’ve know two Sys Admins who have had AS/400 computers in their bedrooms (yes, they were married)

Many Sys Admins save every script they have ever written.

I prefer PowerShell, VB, WinBatch, Python, Perl and mashed potatoes to VBS.

Planet Tivoli conference in 2002 had a dance for its attendees. A dance! The ratio between male sex-starved basement-dwelling gamers to females had to be at 100 to 1. Those poor, poor women.

I once shot a server just to watch it die.

The most common reason for becoming a “civil servant” that I hear from techies is some variation of: “Because you can’t get fired”. I’m sorry, but if “you can’t get fired” is the primary reason for a sys admin to take a job I don’t want that sys admin ANYWHERE near my servers. 

I think I’ll join the Pirate party.

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