Top 10 Rejected Names for PowerShell

We in the system administration community have become used to the name PowerShell. I know I have (I write about it often enough.) The name projects an important image. The image of being Powerful and also… I guess… being a Shell. As is so often the case, one must wonder if the product gives meaning to the name or does the name give meaning to the product. Does “Rolls Royce” bring to mind quality because of workmanship or is the name just a great fit? Well, you be the judge as you consider the top 10 names considered and rejected for PowerShell. One thing we can all agree on is that we’re glad Microsoft made the choice they did.

10. AlmostBash

9. YAALShell (Yet Another Admin Language)

8. Cmd#

7. ClippyShell

6. Cmdlet Runner And Processor

5. VBScriptWho?

4. HunkyShell

3. LinuxShminux

2. Microsoft Interactive Keyboard Command Line Interpreter Client Console And Dynamic Script Processor 2008 Version 1 (Release 2)

1. DOS 7