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The PowerShell Scanner takes PDQ Inventory to a whole new level. With the PowerShell Scanner, you can scan and access more data than ever before. If you can write a PowerShell script for it, you can bring that data into PDQ Inventory. We’ve just released PDQ Inventory and with it, some great features to the PowerShell Scanner.

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Illustration showing powershell logo with a radar
Illustration showing powershell logo with a radar
New features of PowerShell ScannerNew features of PowerShell Scanner

New features

We’ve created some scripts to help get you started on your PowerShell Scanner journey.

  • Scan Profiles and Scanner creation is now available from the Toolbar.  

  • Scan Profiles can now be run as "Logged on User"  

  • Add variables to PowerShell Scanner.

  • PowerShell Scanners will display a tooltip if the script contains parameters.  

  • PowerShell Scanner properties that represent a quantity of bytes will be displayed as file size.  

What type of data can I gather?

To co-opt a semi-famous phrase; “If you [script] it, [the data] will come”

Not proficient in PowerShell? No problem; we also offer a Git repository of scripts that can be imported into Inventory. Of course, the more you see how powerful the Scanner is, the more you might want to become a scripting wiz yourself.

We also have a new area of our Community Forum if you want to strike up a conversation with other PowerShell users.

PowerShell Data examplePowerShell Data example

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Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself.