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PowerShell Scanner

Scan and access more data than ever before. If you can write a PowerShell script for it, you can bring that data into PDQ Inventory.

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Illustration showing powershell logo with a radar
Illustration showing powershell logo with a radar

Rapidly gather information

To co-opt a semifamous phrase; “If you [script] it, [the data] will come.” Efficiently bring additional device information into PDQ Inventory. Attach a .PS1 file, or write PowerShell directly into the scanner. Format the script's output so new columns display as you’d like them to.

New features of PowerShell ScannerNew features of PowerShell Scanner
PowerShell Data examplePowerShell Data example

Gitting started

Whether you’re a PowerShell scripting newbie or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. (Of course, the more you see how powerful the scanner is, the more you might want to become a scripting wiz yourself!)

See how other PDQ users leverage the PowerShell Scanner in our Git repository of popular scripts. Or check out the below guides:

Powershell Scanner resources

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself.