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Ep. 92, In Code We Trust: Being thankful for PowerShell


Aired November 20, 2023 | 55 min

We express gratitude for the harmonious blend of tech and community in the world of PowerShell. We spotlight impactful community projects with innovative approaches and reminisce about our podcast journey. The episode is a wholesome tableau, featuring personal anecdotes on how PowerShell has shaped our tech lives and a thought-provoking exploration of error handling.

Meet our guest

Andrew Pla & Jordan Hammond

Meet Andrew, "The Script Specter," and Jordan, "The Command Crusader" — PowerShell's dynamic duo.

Andrew's scripting prowess is legendary as he effortlessly conquers system complications with a flick of his fingers and a well-phrased one-liner. When not saving the day, he rescues kittens from elaborate "syntax trees."

Jordan wields PowerShell commands for justice and efficiency, tackling server crises before his coffee gets cold. His error-handling prowess often convinces error villains to surrender. In his downtime, Jordan commands dance-offs with "syntax error-free" grooves.

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Meet the hosts

Andrew Pla

Twitter (X) | LinkedIn

Andrew Pla, a seasoned IT professional with over 10 years of experience, has spent the last 5 years mastering PowerShell. An ardent member of the PowerShell community and a Microsoft MVP, he loves sharing his knowledge and leveraging automation to solve complex problems. You can always find him connecting with others on the PDQ Discord and troubleshooting, with the firm belief that a problem shared is a problem halved.

PowerShell Podcast Host Andrew PlaPowerShell Podcast Host Andrew Pla

Jordan Hammond

Twitter (X) | LinkedIn

Jordan Hammond spent years as an exchange server administrator. One day, it dawned on him that he could automate many of those mundane tasks using PowerShell. And just like that, his journey into PowerShell began. Jordan has spent the past several years working at PDQ perfecting his automation and PowerShell skills.

Podcast Host Jordan HammondPodcast Host Jordan Hammond

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