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Protect one of IT’s most valuable creatures 

This Sysadmin Day, sysadmin conservation starts with you.

Sysadmin (Systema administratorum)

This IT professional is responsible for maintaining computer systems. Without the sysadmin, the computing environment would be inhospitable to users. 

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IT departments, server rooms

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Widely distributed across industries

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Caffeine, whiskey, candy from users’ desks

Why sysadmins are "endangered"

Excessive pressure

Without sufficient communication, sysadmins are often misunderstood. This can lead to unnecessary hardship.

Enhance relationships by...

  • Using terminology wisely

  • Assessing communication channels

  • Involving other departments

  • ...and more

Communicate effectively
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Loss of downtime

As the borders between work and personal life erode, downtime degradation increases the risk of burnout.

  • Watching for the signs

  • Prioritizing yourself

  • Seeking support

  • ...and more

Prevent burnout

Severe shortages of appreciation

Despite their intense struggles in the wilds of IT, few sysadmins encounter the appreciation they need to flourish.

Support sysadmins by...

  • Providing continuing education

  • Setting realistic expectations

  • Reducing work during off-hours

  • Promoting strong interdepartmental relationships

Combat threats
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3 ways PDQ aids sysadmin conservation

1. Time preservation

Automation and scripting make formerly time-consuming tasks a breeze. Overworked sysadmins can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

2. Sustainable deployments

Schedule deployments when they’re convenient for users. No need to come in at night or on weekends! Just set a cadence, sit back, and relax while software packages update automatically.

3. Rapid support from other sysadmins

PDQ's support and solutions team consists of experienced sysadmins who’ve been there, done that, and are ready to help. No sysadmin is ever alone in the wilderness! 

Learn more about the way of Sysadmin Day

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Want to help sysadmins thrive in their natural habitats? Try PDQ.