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With PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy hardware and software data is at your fingertips. Easily manage and update machines on your network automatically. All work and no play means you’re not automating.

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PDQ Deploy
A software deployment tool used to keep Windows PCs up-to-date without bothering end users. Learn More
PDQ Inventory
A systems management tool for tracking and organizing hardware, software, and Windows configuration data. Learn More
PDQ Link
A tool to help facilitate access to LAN resources for your end-users anywhere they have internet access. Simple, easy connectivity. Learn More
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The Dean’s office IT team at the University of Utah College of Engineering supports eight departments on campus. As the responsibilities of the team continued to grow, they needed to find a solution to automate the time-consuming task of patching machines in various departments. PDQ Deploy & Inventory have become essential tools in the department.

The Ogden City IT team is responsible for maintaining computer systems city wide across multiple organizations from police and fire to golf courses and community centers. Maintaining and updating several hundred machines with limited staff and resource was challenging. The Ogden City IT team downloaded a trial of PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory, saw the time savings and signed up immediately.

When I first took over this lab, they were installing everything from disc. We’re talking OS, Office, Adobe from disc. It was insane. You can’t do that with one hundred computers and be productive.
Doug Ressler - College of Engineering, University of Utah

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