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(fr)Agile! It’s a major award! Software deployment, redux.

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

When we decided to release the Pro version of PDQ Deploy one of the features that we were excited about was that it was “multi-user”, meaning multi-admin. There are some other major features that differentiate Pro from its free step-brother such as scheduling and the all-important ability to run multiple actions within each Installer. But a funny thing happened on the way to the looney bin: Most of the feedback we have received showed that few cared about the multi-user and were more concerned with having to manage a new SQL server which, PDQ Deploy Pro required. “Whoa! Required? What’s with the past tense?”

Heh heh, you don’t miss much do you Eagle Eyes Keaton. Yes, we are removing the requirement to have a dedicated SQL Server installation.

You see, another goal that we, at Admin Arsenal, have is to be agile. We’ve made some great strides in achieving this goal and now we’ll prove it.

We are going to release a new version of PDQ Deploy Pro that does not require a complex SQL Server to run. We will deliver a Pro version that has all the features that you love – quick deployments, multi-action, scheduling, bandwidth throttling, etc. – with the exception of being Multi-user. It was the multi-user feature that required the more complex SQL Server. By scrapping the feature that, according to our customers, wasn’t going to be used anyway we are able to give you a much more manageable and intuitive software distribution tool.

You can expect to see this new version within the next few days. (Yes, days. Told you we were agile) We will put it out to a public beta and then give it a final release.

This change also serves notice that Hey, WE LISTEN TO YOU.

Let us know what you use in our products. What features would you like to see? What features do you think suck? To paraphrase Sam Kinison (I can’t actually quote Sam since this, ahem, a PG rated blog) “Don’t tell your mom! Don’t tell your girlfriends! Tell US! We’re the ones that [make the software for] you!”

Of course I’ll contradict Sir Sam right now and say that if you like our software, please tell your friends, particularly your nerdy ones. Now go forth and deploy.

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