How PDQ Deploy silently installs software to remote computers

Take a moment to see how PDQ Deploy installs software. This will help you troubleshoot deployment issues that may arise. 

Under The Hood: How PDQ Deploy Installs Software To Remote Computers

A couple of points to add to the above document:

PDQ Deploy installs software using a Windows Service. This means a few things including:

  1. Deployments intended to run under specific user accounts may not yield desired results. If you deploy software that adds a shortcut to the “currently logged on user’s desktop” then the shortcut will be created on the desktop of the Deployment user.
  2. With very few exceptions, deployments do not display windows on the target computers. An exception to this is when you call the msg.exe utility.
  3. Deployments run FROM the target computer. This is important you attempt to include Command Actions (Pro Mode) in your Installer. For example, if you have command action that attempts the following command
    copy C:\Users\Shane\Desktop\myShortcut.lnk %AllUsersProfile%\Desktop

    you will probably be disappointed. Since the copy command is executed FROM the target the first path is expected to exist locally on the target. If you wanted to copy a shortcut file from your computer to the targets then you would need to provide a UNC path to the shortcut. Of course any UNC path must be accessible by the Deployment credentials. You would be better served to copy your shortcut file onto a network share and try something like

    copy "\\Server\Share\Shortcuts\myShortcut.lnk" "%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop" /Y

    Copy Command in PDQ Deploy

Just a note: The term “Action” is being replaced with “Step” in PDQ Deploy 2.0. We think that Step is more intuitive in your multi-step deployments. Multi Step installers are only available in PDQ Deploy Pro mode.

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