Install Silverlight Silently

Installing Microsoft Silverlight silently to all computers is simple. It installs in less than a minute (usually) and has only one parameter to make it install silently (/q). Oh, and Silverlight uninstalls as easily as it installs (/qu).

So there is really no reason to leave it up to your users to accept the install when they attempt to visit a Silverlight enabled page. You can take control now and ensure that all your systems have it installed.

Using the new Installer Library In PDQ Deploy 2.0.1 you can download and deploy a ready-to-run Installer for Silverlight.

Get Silverlight Installer from Installer Library


Deploy Silverlight


install silverlight silently with pdq deploy

After you initate the deployment you can verify the status from the main console window.

 Deploy Silverlight Status

For more information on deploying Silverlight, reference the Silverlight Deployment Guide (.doc).

Download your free copy of PDQ Deploy.

Need to see if Silverlight is already installed? Get your free copy of PDQ Inventory.

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