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Mischievous Management – Killing Games

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

OK, I am writing this on a Friday afternoon. I don’t feel like starting a new project. I don’t feel like working through my list of to-do’s and, well, it’s very obvious that I’m not the only person who feels like this today. But I’m at work, slightly bored and I have administrative rights on all of these computers. Sweet.

I think it’s time to confuse the hordes of co-workers who are playing Solitaire. I’m gonna write a Monitor to watch for, and kill any running solitaire process.

Let’s open up Admin Arsenal and select the Monitors button:

As you can see from the images above, I created a Monitor called Solitaire – Vista. I look for the executable called Solitaire.exe. Every 120 seconds Admin Arsenal (AA) will poll selected target systems and check to see if any process called Solitaire.exe is Running. If it detects the process running it will trigger two Actions that I have defined. The first will kill the process Solitaire and the other will send an email to me stating some information that about the event. If you notice in both Action examples I have called variables like {Process}. These variables can be select by pressing the  button and selecting my desired variable.

After you define your Monitor, don’t forget to add the targets. You can add individual machines or Collections or Active Directory OUs as targets. Since I’m bored, I’m going to select all Vista machines as targets.

Sit back and wait for various groans and grunts from other cubes.

*NOTE* For versions of Windows prior to Vista, the Solitaire exe is ‘Sol.exe’

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