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Scheduling Improvements and Pints

Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson

What do drastic improvements to our scheduling and beer pints / shot glasses have in common? 

Besides nothing, they have in common the fact that if you help us describe our improvements we will send you a really cool etched beer glass, shot glass (or shirt, for our non-drinking users). Each product has our PDQ Deploy logo on it.


We’ve been racking our brains on the best way to both describe and market our scheduling improvements and we’re drawing a blank. So, here is a description.

Packages and Schedules are now independent of each other.

Earlier versions of PDQ Deploy allowed you to create a schedule which would deploy a package. You could have multiple schedules, but each schedule could only deploy a single package. If you wanted to deploy multiple packages in the same schedule you needed to use nesting (which you can still do). However, Nesting packages JUST to have them in the same schedule isn’t really what nesting is for. So, we’ve made it easier. 

In PDQ Deploy 3.2 a single schedule may contain multiple packages. We call this attached and detached packages (still with me?)

But wait… there’s more

One of the very cool features of these ‘independent schedules’ is the ability to easily replace old packages with updated ones. 

For instance, let’s say that you had a schedule that deployed Firefox 30.0. Now that Firefox 31.0 is out, you could replace the old package with the new updated version. You do not need to do anything else. The schedule remains in place. 

Multiple Packages in a Schedule

As mentioned above you can now have multiple packages in a schedule. Need to update 2 of the 5 packages, just detach and attach as needed. The schedule remains the same. 

Enter: You

OK – now that we’ve explained the process here is our marketing dilemma. How do we encapsulate that into a single sentence? All of the Marketing for Dummies books that we’ve read frown on marketing lines that are more than five paragraphs in length. 

Let us know your thoughts by tweeting your suggestions to @admarsenal #pdqdeploy, and you could win your choice of a beer glass, shot glass or PDQ Polo. 

A Video is Worth a Thousand Blogs

See Shane and Lex explain as only they can what we are currently calling “Independent Schedules”. 

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