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Webcast Recap: PowerShell is Classier Than You

Brook AllredBrook Allred

PowerShell Classes

Last week on PDQ Live, we went over PowerShell classes and when, why, and how to use them.

Why use classes over functions?

Class Basics

Creating an example class object

Where PowerShell classes fall short

Creating a bar and adding drinks 

Using the variable ‘$This’

Q&A Question 1

Q&A Question 2

Q&A Question 3

Q&A Question 4

Q&A Question 5


Besides the awesome content on PDQ.com are there any sites you’d recommend for PS newbies to help hone their lacking PS skills?

  • PowerShell In A Month Of Lunches by Don Jones

  • PowerShell.org

  • PowerShell Slack channel

What modules do you recommend to add to PowerShell?

  • Active directory and Exchange modules

  • JiraPS

  • PSReadLine

  • Pester

  • PoshBot

Could you show how to sort your current example list?

$PDQBrews.Stock | Sort-Object name | Select-Object name

What do you do to PowerShell on a new installation of Windows 10? What do you tweak/add?

Customize the text color, font, and error color

Run Update-Help

Update Pester if you use it

Who drinks the most “apple juice” at PDQ.com?

Most likely Shane or Lex by dollar.

Swag Winners

  • Rich B.

  • Brian G.


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