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Intel NUC Firmware Advisory

Alex Martin

Intel recently released a firmware advisory for their (Next Unit of Computing) NUC devices. These advisories come fairly frequently from the many different vendors and companies who have a large market share in the tech industry and is not meant to be alarming or scary. The advisory mentions the existence of a vulnerability in the NUC devices for a potential privileged user to do one of the following on a NUC device prior to implementing the patch:

  • Escalation of privilege (like going from Clark Kent to SuperMan).

  • Denial of service (like blocking Lois Lane from purchasing more paper clips).

  • Information disclosure (like telling everyone who Clark Kent really is).

You can download and install the necessary patches from Intel’s website found here. But since PDQ.com is in the realm of patching things, we thought it might be helpful to create a collection in PDQ Inventory to first identify which systems are needing the update. We you can check out the collection by clicking here.

Once you’ve discovered the affected machines, head on over to Intel’s Firmware Download Page and locate the firmware that meets your NUC’s needs. Some firmware requires that you use a USB to install the firmware, while others include a .MSI file. Hopefully, with this little collection using PDQ Inventory, we’ve helped locate some low-hanging vulnerability management to ensure your environment is more secure.

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