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Man Up and get your PDQ Inventory Collections Going

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

The ability to group your computers in pretty much anyway imaginable is only a few minutes away. Since I know that all of you have mastered typing and using your mouse with one hand – for various reasons I shan’t delve into – you don’t even need to put down your Mountain Dew to get things started.

First, though. Why would you want to have different groupings for your computers? A lot of reasons. It’s pretty much the same way you may organize your music, videos, finances and pr0n. I have so many great dynamic and static Playlists in iTunes and, for the most part, any of my 35,000 songs are always near to hand. PDQ Inventory Collections, like their AA Console predecessors are just as useful and easy to create.

Here is a quick video where we demonstrate building the two types of collections: Static and Dynamic. You will also see how to create sub (or child) collections.  

 The examples shown in that video were performed using the free version of PDQ Inventory. We will also show video examples of how to use some the better, more comprehensive, features available in the Pro version of PDQ Inventory.

Please give us examples of what types of tutorials you’d like to see. Having a difficult time with a feature? Have you run into a problem that you think you can solve with PDQ Inventory or PDQ Deploy but you just don’t know how? Well, send us an email or, better yet, post your question on our support forum.


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