More Random Thoughts On The Sys Admin Scene


Shane Corellian Raindog Sys Admin
Photo by Helen Rosemier

To get in the groove while I am scripting I have, historically, found it difficult to listen to audiobooks or podcasts. However, I realized this week that the ACE Broadcasting Network has been the only exception to this rule. I can (and do) listen to both
Adam Carolla’s and
Larry Miller’s podcasts while working and I don’t get distracted. Hell Yeah.

I have used Microsoft SQL Server Express since 2005 and I am still a huge fan. If this was Facebook I would have, long ago, hit the Like button.

It seems like a lot of Sys Admins have two facebook accounts. A more sterilized one for family and co-workers and an uncensored one for the rest.

I think I am one of only 8
Sys Admins who has never owned, collected or even read, graphic novels.

A disproportionate number of my custom ringtones are taken directly from South Park though my single favorite ringtone is taken from The Big Lebowski (where Donny tells the Dude that his phone is ringing).

Screw what happens in elevators when no one is watching…think of what happens in Server Rooms when there is only one current occupant. ahem.

If your first response to the statement “We have a problem” is a variant of “We better have a meeting” then chances are I don’t ever want to meet you.

It’s been over a year since I first saw TheWebSiteIsDown and wanted to remind everyone how perfect is their first video, Sales Guy vs. Web Dude.