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Run your favorite IT utilities / commands within AA Console.

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

In the words (OK, word) of Gob Bluth: “C’mon!”

Remember that AA Console (formerly Admin Arsenal) has the awesome ability to run your favorite scripts or IT utilities right from the Tools menu. We call this feature “Custom Tools”.

A Custom Tool is a command that exists on the AA console machine. When the Custom tool is selected (either from the Tools menu or a keyboard shortcut that you assign) the command is executed along with any respective command line arguments.

Want to be able to automatically go to the C$ of a target computer? Go to your AA Console Preferences and, in the Custom Tools pane, add the following line:

Open C$ Share=explorer.exe "\\%TARGET%\C$"

The syntax for a custom tool line is

Name [;keyboard shortcut]=command [ARGS]

AA Console will store the computer name in the %TARGET% variable.

If you use DameWare Mini Remote Control, you can initiate a Remote Control session from within AA Console by adding a custom tool entry like this:

DameWare Remote Control;CTRL+ALT+Z="C:\Program Files (x86)\DameWare Development\DameWare Mini Remote Control\dwrcc.exe" -m:%TARGET% -a:1

See additional arguments that can be passed to DameWare Mini Remote Control.

Would you like to automatically connect to a network registry? Feel free to download one of our free utilities called StartReg.exe. Place this file on your AA Console machine and add the following line to your custom tools:

Connect Remote Registry;CTRL+SHIFT+E="StartReg.exe" %TARGET%

In the above example I didn’t pass the Path for StartReg.exe because I put it in my System32 directory which is, obviously, included in my % PATH% variable.

Note: Our Free Utilities are not supported and are provided without warranty of any kind.

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