Organize Computers using Collections

Group computers the way that makes sense for you. Computers can belong to any number of collections.

There are two types of collections; Dynamic and Static. Dynamic collections are populated automatically when a computer matches criteria that you define. Static collections are populated manually by dragging the computer object into the collection.

Examples of Dynamic Collections:

  • All Windows 7 Computers
  • All computers with Microsoft Office 2010
  • All computers with more than 2GB RAM
  • All computers that DO NOT have your most recent version of Anti-Virus
  • etc, etc.

Here is a custom collection. We want to know which Windows 2008 R2 servers are missing service pack 1.

You can use PDQ Deploy to Deploy a service Pack to this Collection.
We can see that we have two 2008 R2 servers which are missing Service Pack 1. We can also use PDQ Deploy to push Service Pack 1 to these servers.
PDQ Inventory Collection Missing Service Pack