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PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool built to help you automate your patch management. You can go from updating your 3rd party software, to deploying scripts, to making useful system changes in almost no time.

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Deploy Almost Anything

Remotely send just about anything you could dream of to your workstations. This is more than just ordinary Windows patch management and software deployment. With PDQ Deploy you can execute scripts, copy over needed files, send messages to your logged on users,  or maybe even force a reboot when your users refuse to do so. 

Still not enough for you?  With the ability to run each of these as an account you have defined, you are not just limited to the credentials you have entered in yourself, you can also send it out as either the local system or even as the logged on user. Each deployment will run locally and report back the results. So you can have peace of mind knowing each machine has the software it needs.

Set It, Then Forget It

We recognize that Systems Administrators are very busy, so whenever you have the opportunity to automate any part of your workload, you should take it. 

With that in mind, we took the liberty of helping you automate what is often one of the most time-consuming tasks: updating software.

When common applications are released by their publishers, we build those software deployment packages for you. All you need to do is set up a schedule and those applications will install in the time frame that you define. 

Combined with PDQ Inventory, PDQ Deploy will wait for machines to check in as “Online” and then install the updates. You can rest assured that your machines will have the latest updates for your software.

Multi-Admin Shared Access

A single PDQ Deploy console may not always meet your needs, and you probably don't want to redo all of your work for every admin console you might have. Setting up your PDQ as a server/client relationship will help you get needed coverage without needing to duplicate all that work.

You can now share custom Packages, Schedules, Target Lists, and even your preferences through multiple distribution points to make sure everyone is getting the latest patches on their systems. You can kick the process off either from the console or the Command Line Interface(CLI) but use the Server’s database. 

Email Notifications

Knowing that you are up to date is great, but sometimes seeing the results can give you some extra peace of mind. PDQ Deploy can email you after each software deployment. You will get detailed information which computers updated, what software updated, and even which machines need a little more attention. 

Why only automate just the installation? Save yourself the trudge into your supervisors office by including them in the email report. Don’t bother putting down that drink, in fact, pour yourself another. Thanks to PDQ Deploy, your environment is already patched, and your boss couldn’t be happier with you right now.

Ready-to-Deploy Applications

Third-Party Patch Management simplified. PDQ.com maintains a library of over 250 ready-to-deploy popular applications so you don’t have to take the time to maintain and update them yourself. Our Package Library contains applications like Google Chrome Enterprise, Mozilla Firefox, Zoom Client, Adobe Reader DC, as well as Microsoft Windows Cumulative Updates. These are just a few of the hundreds of packages that we maintain. Each package is kept up-to-date with the latest version, tested to ensure that the package installs silently, and made available as soon as possible.  

Time is a valuable commodity, as sysadmins ourselves, we know you have a lot on your plate and not enough hours in the day. Building and testing packages means time saved for more important things Like making sure your boss’s boss  has the latest version of malware-free solitaire installed. 

The Package Library gives you back that time and simplifies your patch management.

Easily Execute Scripts

A modern sysadmin is a sysadmin who automates, and the best way to automate is through scripting. We know you have all-kinds of options for which language you prefer, so we figure we will let you pick your own. If you so desire, you can write in Visual Basic (.vbs), run a registry file (.reg), go old-school with a batch file (.bat), or run with our personal favorite: PowerShell (.ps1).

With PDQ Deploy, you can either write and run them in-application or execute from a file you have written and saved from your favorite IDE. With script deployment, you can make whatever changes you need to your endpoints.The possibilities are endless. Start honing those scripting skills and control your environment with such ease, that you will be the envy of your peers.

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