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Only on days ending in “y”.

Zach Davis
I cannot put into words just how indispensable Admin Arsenal* has become to our IT Department. These are tools that every sysadmin should have under their belt. Be sure to check out the blog on their website for updates and tips on evolving plugins and packages. Happy to be an Admin Arsenal* customer for over a year now.
Steven Anctil
Nothing can compare. The customer service I have been given is out of this world amazing. These people truly know how to help you even in the most difficult of questions. I have never needed to wait for more then a day to get my answers taken care of. I have asked some difficult questions and also I should know these questions and every time I have been taken care of like it was there most important goal. I could go on and on with Admin Arsenal* but honestly you need to try it to believe it.
Brian Camp
Hands down the best tools I’ve used for software deployment and inventory. Support has been fantastic the few times I’ve had to use it. Their YouTube channel has so much good documentation that calling support is rarely necessary. These guys know exactly what we need to make our jobs easier.
Chris Ross
Saved me from a ton of work and a mental breakdown getting ready for online state testing!
Brandon Carder
The best pieces of software we currently have in our arsenal. Heh heh heh.
J.A., Oregon
Without your tools, I would have been relegated to a corner in a straight jacket by now.
A. Quadt, MARITIM Hotels
We are using PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory in our company. Both products are Simply Fantastic and are very easy to use. Highly Recommended.
Ed D.
The fact that I was just able to uninstall old Java, install new Java, as well as the disabling of its auto update feature within three minutes makes me a happy man. With state testing going on right now, time is of the essence. PDQ Deploy rocks! \m/ -_- \m/
Jason H., Alabama
PDQ Deploy is the best thing since sliced bread. We’ve been looking for an easy to use solution for patching Java and Adobe products for a long time and finally found it with PDQ Deploy. Plus we can now push any software package we choose silenty. Love this software!!!
Gabrielle.L, Halifax Canada
We first tested this out to replace a glitchy free deployment tool called WPI, and this thing totally blew the doors off! We’ve since opted to upgrade to the Pro version, and it’s been worth every penny. you can deploy to individual computers or groups, deploy immediately or on a schedule, and it even integrates with Spiceworks. Fantastic tool at a great price.
Ken T.
I love these programs… They’re amazing!
Dean M., School District
I manage over 600 systems and 1800 users on my campus alone so software deployment was more than a hassle it was almost impossible until I found PDQ Deploy. The first update I used PDQ Deploy on was flash 10 we had students needing to use a particular software on several hundred systems and very limited technical support people so I was tasked with finding a solution that could accomplish this well that is where PDQ Deploy made me look like a genius, I was able to update over 200 systems in less than a couple of hours and without the users even knowing I was doing it and in a school environment that is huge. I have been in technical support for over 15 years and have used many products that claim to do what PDQ Deploy delivers on over and over. Keep up the good work!!!
Eric R.
You saved me and my team a WEEK of work. A week that we just didn’t have. Thank you
William F.
In case you don’t hear it often enough, this software is a GODSEND!
Glen H.
As the lone tech support guy in a school with about 600 computers, 100 staff members, and nearly 1800 students, PDQ Inventory/Deploy is indispensable.
Michael W., Morrell Inc
Holy crap! Where have you been? Outstanding work, top-to-bottom. I was afraid to ask purchasing for the money. Fool. Money very well spent.
Steven J.
Wow! Just… just… Wow! Been waiting for a solution like this for a loooong time. PDQ deploy takes patch remediation, software updates, and application installs to the next level and actually makes it enjoyable. No more intrusive RDP and no more disrupting end users to get machines updated
Michael W.
This software is awesome. And the Price point is Perfect for SMBs
Jeff B.
I cannot count how many times this has saved me time and money. Deploying apps to 350 PC’s in a couple hours vs. a couple weeks.
Jake Bloomfield
You guys rule.. PDQ Deploy has changed my work day.. more time to make tea and have small talk. I applaud you.
John G., Pacoima, CA
I just wanted to take a moment and say how impressed I am with the PDQ Inventory and Deploy both as standalone software as well as in the of joining the two. Your online tutorials are spot on and I love the occasional sip of beer that goes on (I used to live down the street from New Belgium Brewery). Regardless, excellent work. I will be very sad if my boss does not approve the purchase of Inventory and Deploy.
This software is incredible. The package library is very helpful. Thanks for an amazing software.
Nick T.
As a network technician for two small-medium sized school districts in Massachusetts both PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy have saved myself and the technology departments as a whole countless hours. The inventory allows the districts to keep an updated, organized, and very detailed list of devices in the district that allows us to see what we have and where we have it, whether that query is hardware or software based PDQ Inventory can do it with a few simple clicks. PDQ Deploy makes a once daunting task of mass-installing applications and or updates to hundreds of computers seemingly easy. By being able to create custom deployments as well as use their constantly updated library of ready-to-install application updates it went from being several technicians’ duties to update/install programs throughout the district to one. The status of being able to license both PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy as a user and not computer allows the districts to use this system at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Where another system would charge you thousands of dollars for hundreds of seats of computers to manage, PDQ allows you to manage an unlimited amount. Having this affordable user-licensed price as a one-time fee easily pays for itself with the man-hours it will save whether that’s due to running around manually installing updates on computers, trying to manually inventory devices, or using other less robust methods of remotely installing software. By using Windows’ built-in remote management capabilities on clients, PDQ doesn’t require installation of an agent application on every computer before you can use it, a typical use of other systems. By using something that comes with all Windows clients it saves a lot of work of installing such an agent continuously. From an educational IT management standpoint enabling the required remote permissions to use the system is not an issue (file and printing sharing) as in both districts that I work at, this has always been enabled. Enabling such features of Windows is almost a necessity in this day and age where remote management, especially in the educational world, is needed to aid and assist clients as well as repair and manage their computers.
AshleyLewisMS, Bournemouth, U.K.
Amazing program! I use it to push out installs with my own custom command line switches, push out batch files and generally keep all our software up to date remotely. It’s got a friendly, easy to use interface and the support is fantastic! It’s also regularly updated and features a vast package library.
Jonathan S.
The Admin Arsenal* products have done their part to help improve my life as an admin. These tools provide such an amazing amount of power in a lightweight package. Keep up the great work.
Jef R.
This worked great!!! I keep saying this is the best single software title I have purchased!!!
Adam E.
Awesome product makes like 100x easier. Keep up the good work. Just so you know, I develop and test ALL of my automation scripts on PDQ prior to using them on our other expensive, buggy, fail-prone deployment solutions, because I can trust PDQ to be working correctly, but can’t say the same for those other products.
Thomas C.
Your products are why I still have hair on my head! Thanks a million!!
Andy B.
You have no idea how much we use this program, and how much work it saves by being able to easily push out .exe files.
Dan J.
We tried living without PDQ but your product makes software deployment a piece of cake. I believe we have spent more in man hours than it would have cost for a yearly subscription. PDQ Deploy is now an essential part of our department.
Robert M.
Thanks very much. I’ve used this software at another school I worked at in the UK. (my favourite software ever!)
Michael R.
You guys make AWESOME software. Everyone I can tell about it, I do. It just flat out works and is awesome stuff. Keep it up!
Jerry W.
With PDQ Deploy it was very simple to configure packages and schedule the deployment. Users didn’t even notice that it was being deployed.
Peter M.
I’m loving PDQ Deploy already. We were trying to deploy Flash Player with scripts remotely and failing in the process. Now it simply works and easy to see if it goes wrong for some reason
Nick W.
Just bought inventory and deploy… life saver! Cannot believe I just now got this, you’ve already saved me tons of time!
Mark, Hearst Television
This is one of those pieces of software that does so much, it makes your head spin. Then, after you figure it out, you want it to do more and more. Thank you for coding the software equivalent of methamphetamine or crack cocaine.
Doug Ressier, University of Utah
I wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled with your support group. Twice I’ve emailed them a ticket and both times they responded before I could catch my breath. They have a lot to learn about making your customers angry! Perhaps you should send them over to Symantec for some training! I’m a very pleased customer! Kudos to Mark Hurtado who provided a quick and easy solution to my question in record time this morning!

* Admin Arsenal is what our users used to call us. Mostly because that was our name.